Ultinon Essential LED Headlight bulb 11972UE2X2




Stand out from the crowd

Stylish LED lighting that’s easy to fit

  • LED-HL [~H7]
  • 6500 K stylish white light
  • Compact design for better fit
  • Compatible with most cars

Enjoy a stylish, white-light experience

For that modern, high-end style, customise your car with Philips Ultinon Essential LED headlight bulbs. With a colour temperature of up to 6500 Kelvin, these bulbs project a modern white light so you can always stand out from the crowd with a stylish beam.

Excellent cooling via effective heat dissipation

Optimal performance with superior durability places Philips Ultinon Essential LED headlight bulbs at the forefront of LED technology. Thanks to the dual heat-dissipation mechanism — built-in fan and an aluminium heatsink with anodising coating — these LED headlight bulbs disperse heat more effectively and efficiently. They can perform at their highest level of brightness for a longer period of time.

Compact all-in-one design for plug-and-play use

Philips Ultinon Essential LED uses a brand-new bulb design that integrates the driver-box electronics into the body, allowing more space for the bulb in the headlamp and making fitting easy. Enjoy the plug-and-play experience: the one-piece design allows the centre ring to be taken out from the top easily, without unscrewing. Philips Ultinon Essential LED with its compact design fits a wide range of car models and can be easily installed by specialist mechanics.Ultinon Essential LED Headlight bulb 11972UE2X2  Ultinon Essential LED Headlight bulb 11972UE2X2


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